Sunday, August 31, 2008

Welcome Back!!! Fall 2008

Welcome back! We’re looking forward to another great year with familiar and new faces!

The playgroup is offering three sessions a week. Mondays from 10 -11:30 am will be at the DND gym at the Multiplex (unless notified otherwise). Wednesdays and Fridays are at the Calvary Church basement from 9:30 – 11:30.

Registration Forms & Membership Fees
It’s time to fill out registration forms and provide us with your membership fees ($75.00) – if you decide to join our association. New members can find out information about how our fee structure works by reviewing our welcome letter. Please ask a coordinator for this letter.

Drop In Fees
Our drop in fee remains at $2 per child (over 6 months of age) per session. Punch cards are available for $30 (covering 15 drop-in fees). Talk to a coordinator about these cards.

Our year is broken up into two terms. Term 1 is Sept 8 – January 31st. Term 2 is February 1 – June 30th. Members are required to provide membership fees and complete volunteer hours (if necessary) for each term.

Grocery Pack
We have an early opportunity for you to get your volunteer hours (and help raise money for us). We have a grocery pack at the Co-op on September 20th. A sign up sheet will posted. Children ages 13 and up are able to assist with this (their hours will be in addition to yours).

Coordinator’s Wanted
The board is looking for members interested in coordinating playgroup sessions (usually one per week). Coordinators get paid a fee per session and their child/children attend the coordinated session for free. Please talk a coordinator, a board member or email us if you are interested. We will be in particular need of assistance late in Term 1 and early in Term 2.

A couple of etiquette reminders for you:
- We no longer have access to toys at the gym. We ask that caregivers try to bring toys with them to this session for the children to share.
- No food or drinks in the gym – please eat and drink in the lobby area;
- Snack time at the church – please have your children eating and drinking at the table;
- Choking hazards – please pick up any chunky snacks or chunky pieces of snacks your child drops on the floor as they are a choking risk to crawling children.

Toy washes and Board Meetings
We are trying to plan these meetings and washes for regular times each month to allow members plan to attend in advance. Each toy wash counts as two hours and board meetings count as one hour towards required volunteer hours. See the calendar on back for dates.

If you have any concerns or questions, talk to a coordinator, a board member or email at or drop it in our suggestion box.

Playgroup on the Net: Email and our site

Dates to Remember
September 18 – Toy wash at 6:30pm at church
September 20 – Fundraising Grocery Pack at Co-op (10 – 6 pm) ** Please sign up
September 23 – Board Meeting at 6:30 at Diamonte’s
October 16 – Toy wash at 6:30 pm at church
October 28 – Board Meeting at 6:30 Boston Pizza
October 31 – Halloween Party (details to follow)

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