Saturday, January 24, 2009

January/February Newsletter

Grocery Pack

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our grocery pack for December. Thanks to those who signed up to help. It is vital that we have members volunteer for the grocery packs as they are our major source of funding. It is also an opportunity to complete your volunteer hours. Even if you don’t need your hours, we still need your help at these events. Our next grocery pack is March 7. Please watch for a sign up sheet. Without your help, we cannot raise the money necessary to cover playgroup costs.

Volunteer Hours

Term 1 ends on January 30th. Members need to complete their required volunteer hours or cheques will be cashed. There is a toy wash and board meeting this month with up to three hours possible. IT IS A MEMBER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO COMPLETE THEIR HOURS!!

Term 2

Term 2 begins on February 2. Coordinators will ask you to re-date your registration forms and cheques (where not cashed) for the new term. If your cheque was cashed, you will need to provide us with a new cheque for the second term.

Buy/Sell/Give Away

Members have suggested that Playgroup is a perfect place for members to buy/sell or give away baby/toddler items they have. There will be a binder available at Church sessions for members to list items they are looking to buy, sell or give away and their contact information.

Secretary Position

The Board is looking for a new secretary as Jenn Kravitz is no longer able to fulfill that role. Thanks for your contributions to our board, Jenn. The secretary needs to attend meetings and keep a record of the meetings (discussions, decisions, etc). The record needs to be provided to the board in advance of the next meeting (type written and emailed has been the recent practice). Please let a coordinator know if you’re interested in this position. Attendance at a board meeting counts as 1 volunteer hour (no additional hours are given to any of the Board members).

Valentine Party

On February 13th, we’ll have a little Valentine Party. A sign up sheet for snacks will be set out as the day gets closer.

- Please remember to pay your IOUs.
- Sign in at every session even if you don’t pay.
- Punch cards are available so you don’t always have to remember drop-in fees
- Please have a coordinator punch/mark your punch card so that the coordinator knows it is being used.

CommentsConcerns or questions?

Talk to a coordinator, a board member, drop it in our suggestion box or email at .

Playgroup on the Net

Email and check out our site

Dates to Remember

January 27 – Board Meeting at 6:30 pm at Explorer
January 30 – End of Term 1 (Volunteer hours to be completed)
February 02 – Start of Term 2 (Membership Fees due)
February 13 – Valentine Party at Church
February 19 – Toy wash at 6:30 pm at Church
February 24 – Board Meeting at 6:30 pm at LeFrolic
March 7 – Grocery Pack Fundraiser at the Co-op

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