Thursday, February 25, 2010

Membership fee NIXED!

In an effort to attract more users, the Playgroup Association Board has decided to change our fee structure. We want to focus on the drop-in aspect of our program as we think more people may be interested in attending playgroup when there is no term commitment.

Anyone that has provided us with their membership fee for second term will receive their cheque or cash back.

Punch passes already purchased for $1 per punch will require two punches per child per session. Punch passes already purchased for $2 per punch (double punch) will require one punch per child.

We hope that members will still participate in toy washes and fundraisers because of the free session coupons and because it is important to have clean toys and funds to operate our program.

The Board welcomes any comments or suggestions from members – including suggestions for new toy purchases.
As of March 1st:

Drop- in fee is $2 per child (older than six months) per session.

The $100 Membership fee is no longer required.

As an incentive to volunteer, participating in fundraising and toy washes will earn 5 free drop-in session coupons (worth a drop-in fee for one child) per hour volunteered.

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