Monday, October 7, 2013


Such a busy month!  The days grow shorter and colder.  Time to clean up the yard toys and make way for the snow...  Jack-o-lanterns grin from the neighbourhood porches, and turkey smells waft through the air.  Delicious pumpkin pie clouds fill up our kitchens while children catch snowflakes on tongues outstretched in the sky.  It's October! It's fall!  It's time of giving thanks for the blessings big and small.

Monday, October 14, 9:30-11:30am
Multiplex Gym

Giving thanks for a chance to run the kids, YK Playgroup is renting the Multiplex Gym to provide you an opportunity to get out of the house and visit while the kids run off their energy!!  Open to all children, their siblings and Caregivers, we ask just $2 per child (over 6 months) drop-in.  Feel free to bring some active toys to share. *Also accepting non-perishable food donations, in honour of World Food Day!!  All proceeds will be donated to our local Food Bank - thank you!!

Theme: World Food Day
Wednesday, October 16, 9:30-11:30am

World Food Day was designated to raise awareness of world hunger.  Today, we will be talking/crafting about food and sharing.  And in the spirit of this special day, YK Playgroup is offering "admission by donation" ALL WEEK!!! We will be accepting canned/dry goods in place of our usual drop-in fee, which we will bring to the Local Food Bank. (If you forget your can, we will also donate any proceeds from this day to the food bank)!


Theme: Who are the people in our Neighbourhood?...
Friday, October 18, 9:30-11:30am

Guest Speaker: Gerda Groothuizen from the Fire Hall

Join Playgroup as we meet some important people who help keep our selves and our community safe from harm.  This week we'll meet our local Fire Persons! Gerda will visit us and talk about fire safety from 10-11am.  Our children will learn about fire safety and Caregivers will learn how to keep our children safe and fire aware.


Toy Washes

At the AGM, the Board resolved to reinstate a bi-weekly toy wash during Friday Sessions.  It was noted by members that it can be difficult and costly to find time or babysitters for evening toy washes.  The solution may be to wash sections of toys every other Friday during Playgroup.  We would organize a care swap to enable all caregivers opportunity to take turns washing toys in the church kitchen.  We encourage all members to come and bond over clean toys!


Fieldhouse Monday
October 21st, 9:30-11:30am
Featuring . . . ZUMBA

Come on down and run, Run, RUN!!  We will have our bouncy castle, and some other active toys. Please feel free to bring your own ride-on or active toys to share.  We ask that you bring indoor shoes or slippers to wear on the pitch.  And please remember that we are not permitted to eat or drink on the soccer field, but we can enjoy snacks on the bleachers or otherwise off the pitch.

We know how difficult it can be to squeeze in a little exercise; the timing conflicts, cost of child care or intensity of exercise can make it all a little daunting.  We're trying to make it easy, we are bringing it to you!!

For $5 additional drop-in fee, Caregivers can participate in one of two 30min Zumba classes (10 & 10:30am start times).  We are on the same field, so we can keep an eye on the children while we raise our heart rate - in a good way!!!


Spring Flood 2013

The Calvary church has informed us that the cause of the flooding that occurred earlier in the spring was gloves clogging the sewer pipes.  That's right!  Someone, or some persons had been flushing latex gloves down the church toilets.  Please remember that we should not be flushing objects down the toilet.  And, please help to keep an eye out for rogue children playing in the bathrooms; we should be supervising our children when they do their business.

Trick-or-Treat Halloween Party
Wed, October 30, 9:30-11:30am
Calvary Church Basement

It's time for our annual Halloween Potlatch Party!!!  Come and trick-or-treat with us!  Dress-up as your favourite critter or character* and bring a snack to share.  It's a screaming good time!  Just $2 per child and the kids receive a Halloween treat! 
RSVP:  Please sign up on the sheets, or send us an e-mail, so we can ensure adequate goodies for all! 

*the church asks that we please refrain from dressing as devils or witches. Thank you!

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