Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Freezing February...

It's LOVE MONTH for Yellowknife Playgroup!!  It's the time of year we love getting together with our friends, to play, craft, sing and dance our way through the sunniest month of winter.  Though the weather will still likely be chilly, the sun draws us out doors; walk, ski, slide, skate, or snowshoe your way to the Yellowknife Playgroup to meet up with all the cabin crazy members and warm yourself on a fresh brewed coffee or tea and welcome company.

FieldHouse Monday
Feb. 17th  9:30-11:30am

Bring the kids and join us in the FieldHouse for a couple hours of play: bring active toys to share, ride a bike, kick some balls, jump in our BouncyHouse, or just run, Run, RUN!!! 
Only $2 per child over 6 months. Infants and Caregivers are Free. Don't pay at the front desk, just come right in and drop your fee in our bucket when you sign in

Amanda Grobbecker is not available for Zumba this day, but for something different you could try a care swap and a jog around the track?


Friday, Feb. 28th  9:30-11:30am
Calvary Church Basement

It's gonna be another crazy PD Day at school.  Give yourself a break and bring the kids to Playgroup anyway.  Older siblings are invited to come too!! Just $2 per child (infants and caregivers are still free)!!

What else is new?

We would like to announce our newest fundraiser....Fundscrip!!  This is an extremely easy way to help  us out.  Quite simply... you purchase a gift card via Fundscrip, then the company donates x% to our account, which we can save and access when we want to purchase items like a new bouncy castle, mats for the church floor, fresh toys for the kids, and/or etc....  This is the kind of fundraiser you can do from your computer when the kids are napping, or you can get your parents to participate in. Heck- you could get your mom's friend to participate too!!  The gift cards are for stores we all use.  The cards are for stores we can access here in Yellowknife or when we head south for a holiday.  Or, we can give these cards as gifts in our family's hometowns.    It is very convenient.  All you need to do is sign up with Fundscrip, you can pick up the info sheet at any of our sessions or e-mail us at and we will send you our account code.  Thank You in advance for your support!!


Board Meeting
Next: Thurs, March 6th   7pm Javaroma
Come on out and find out the down and dirty of what makes Playgroup tick.  Anyone is welcome to attend and offer suggestions, advice or assistance.  Many hands make light work.  IF you are unable to attend but would like to bring something to the Board's attention, send us an e-mail and we'll bring it up on your behalf;

*WE are seeking volunteers to be substitute coordinators in April....  
One of our Coordinators will be away between March 24th and May 3rd, and we are hoping to find some interested persons who would sign-up to sub at the Church sessions once or even twice during that period...  IF you can, you qualify as a Substitute Coordinator!  Substitute Coordinators bring their children to session for FREE!! (if you would like to know more, ask one of our friendly Coordinators).  It is not a lot of effort and EVERYONE benefits!!! Watch for the Sign-up Sheet.  Go ahead... give it a go! 


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