Sunday, September 14, 2014

I apologize for the delays posting to our Blog.  September is a busy month as activities need signing up for, school begins ramping up, gardens need taking in, putting up and bedding down, and yards need to be tidied before the snow covers everything, freezing items in place until revealed amid spring thaw.  Though I try, sometimes the Blog is the last thing I get to before falling asleep at midnight.   Do not hesitate to ask us questions though, e-mail us at your leisure, remind us to provide all the information you are seeking...  

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First FieldHouse Session
Monday, Sept. 15th, 9:30-11:30am

This is our first session back in the Fieldhouse.  Join us for two hours of active play... Just $2 per child over 6 months, (babies & caregivers are free).  Feel free to bring clean ride-ons or toys to share, bounce in our bouncy house, or just run, Run, RUN!! 

Next Board Meeting
We like to keep our Board Meetings open to the membership, we value your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and critique so we want to encourage you to come out when you can...

Thursday, Sept. 25th, 7:30pm

Come on out! We could use some interested members' ideas and creativity on the Board, and as Substitute-Coordinators!  Other topics at hand include: Tax Credit Eligibility (again), Halloween Party, Volunteer Opportunities, etc.


Don't forget:

1. You can purchase Punch Passes in amounts of 8, 15(+1 free), or 50(+5 free).  There are a total of about 111 potential sessions this season.

2. Fire regulations require adults and children to have shoes, please bring clean indoor shoes/slippers to wear at our sessions. This is especially important in winter.

3. Please bring your own peanut-free snack, as Playgroup does not provide snack. However, Wednesdays & Fridays we do hand out an arrowroot cookie at story time, if you would prefer your child to participate with an alternative you are welcome to provide your own or discuss alternatives with the Coordinator or a Board Member.

4. We raise funds through our Fundscrip campaign.  Please click the link above, and, if you'd like to know more, contact a Coordinator or Board Member.

5. Your coordinators have passed Criminal Records Check and have current First Aid Certification. 

6. Minutes from the Board Meetings will be posted after approval at subsequent Board Meetings.  Check out what we are up to...

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