Tuesday, January 27, 2015

This week is special!   To celebrate and encourage Family Literacy, Yellowknife Playgroup will be having a Book Exchange!!  

Wednesday, January 28th & 
Friday, January 30th 
Calvary Church Basement (main street, beside Mildred Hall School, no religious affiliation)
Bring a book or two to share and take something new home! 

Also this Week:  Open Board Meeting

Thursday, Jan, 29th 
7:30pm Javaroma
Come one, come all...

There is still time to give us your input on the special topic of Potential Drop-in Fee Increase!  

We have heard from you that the switch to Fieldhouse Mondays was a good choice, but this increases our expenses for facility rental to about $4500 per year, and our current membership attendance fees are only covering half our daily cost.  We do receive some grant $$, but currently they will all be absorbed by our rental expense.  We are seeking a way to continue to be accessible by you, but also afford to cover our annual supplies, repairs, and toy replacements.  
Some suggestions so far include: 
  • increasing drop-in fee to $3 per child (at field house only or across all sessions); 
  • Making a "maximum drop-in fee" for dayhomes & large families; 
  • adding a Wednesday afternoon drop-in at the church; 
  • shortening field house to 1hr or 1.5hr rental; 
  • changing session starts earlier or later; or 
  • whatever else you could think of that may help. 
We are open to any/all suggestions for further discussion at our meeting. Remember: you are welcome and encouraged to meet with us too!! 

How will this happen?
  1. All suggestions will be taken into consideration and discussed at our Open Board Meeting.  If you want to have a direct voice, please come out to the meeting and be part of quorum.  
  2. Based on the input received at this meeting, a Resolution will be adopted and a vote held.  
  3. Notice of this Resolution will be distributed by e-mail and you will have 3 days to register your vote via e-mail, to be counted with the votes from the meeting.  
* Please note that 75% (or more) votes In Favour will carry this Special Resolution.

The results will be shared again via e-mail.  

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