Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Shopping through YK Playgroup???

Christmas is getting ever closer, slowly creeping up on us as we carry on with our busy schedules.  But Yellowknife Playgroup has an easy solution...

Shop through Us!!  
YK Playgroup is pleased to make several fundraisers available for your shopping convenience.  You can participate in the comfort of your own home and after the kidlets are sleeping! You can encourage your family & friends to participate too!  And through it all the Yellowknife Playgroup can benefit.  Funds raised will be directed towards new toys & equipment, and increasing our programming.  

  • Ends November 30th, 2015

Only a couple days left to place your order!!  Click here  to see the catalogue online and place your order. You can do it all from home, and your order will be delivered directly to your home address! 


  • Ends December 8th, 2015
They are a solid film covering that can be applied directly to yours or your child's nails to achieve a salon like manicure from home. 
The wraps don't chip, require no drying time, and last up to two weeks on fingers and six on toes!

Find over 300 wraps, nail lacquer, TruShine gel and Nail care products. Check: Black Friday Sales!

To order or if you have any questions contact Playgroup Member Kaja at: 



Purchase gift cards from the comfort of your home!  Choose from a wide variety of gift cards that can be redeemed locally or across Canada; mailed to you directly or posted to relatives and friends; a physical gift card to give as a gift or an e-card that you can scan from your phone!! It is an easy way to get the perfect thing for everyone (they get to pick it themselves)!!!
Every purchase earns a % to YK Playgroup directly.  This comes from the Company itself, not trimmed from your Card Amount.  *But please note: the biggest rewards come when you pay as a bill payment from your account.  Paying by Credit Card will cost about $2. 

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