Friday, November 4, 2016


Hi everybody!

We hope you enjoyed the Oogie Boogie Hallowe’en Party and are ready for all this snow!  November is the perfect month to get into a routine for the upcoming long winter – why not make Playgroup one of your weekly stops to hang out and play?

This month we will again be at the Fieldhouse Mondays and The Calvary Church Wednesdays and Fridays!  At the Fieldhouse please remember to pay us at the field and not at the City front desk. We also encourage you to bring your own clean ride-on toys – or other toys – to share.

Remembrance Day – No Session!
Please note that this year we will not be having playgroup session on Remembrance Day.  Please enjoy the alternative events that are offered around Yellowknife in observance of this day.

Music Class!
On Wednesday, November 23rd, we will host the first Music Class with awesome Mary Kelly!!  Come on out, we’ll have free play until 10:30, then we’ll clean up and welcome Mary Kelly for Music Class at 10:45am.  Still just $2 drop-in for children over 6 months – but everyone is welcome to join in!  

Board Meeting
Next Board Meeting is planned for Wednesday, November 30th, at 7pm.  We will meet at Javaroma.  We always welcome new members and new input – if you cannot make it that day, feel free to drop us a note with your ideas/concerns etc. Thanks, and hope to see you there.

New Toys and Get Active Events!

This year we have secured funding from Canada Post Foundation to refresh and renew our toys!  A huge thank you to Zoe for all she does to make Playgroup even better!  We are also beginning to plan our Get Active events and will be sure to update you about our plans for a pool party, a sliding party, and a jumping party as they develop.

Session Specifics
Ø  We would like to remind you again that due to fire regulations and the danger of slipping on the floor, indoor shoes are strongly encouraged.
Ø  Registered Members, please remember to sign in with your member number, we have a list for your reference.  Thank you!
Ø  Also, just to remind you, that all babies less than 6 months of age are free!!

Thank yous!!
            A huge thanks goes out to everybody who contributed to our food drive in honor of World Food Day! We were able to donate a grocery bag brimming with canned and dry goods to the Yellowknife Food Bank! Thanks for giving!

Additional Thanks to the City of Yellowknife for their generous donation of a Multi-year Grant to pay for our facility rentals!! 

Board and volunteer involvement
Our current board consists of the following volunteer members:
President: Zoe Posynick
Vice President: Meaghan Spence
Secretary: Gabrielle Moser
Treasurer: Rachel VanderVeen
Members-at-Large: Laura Henderson, Lindsay Arseneau, Kaja Kotulak
Coordinators:     Monday: April Fraser
                             Wednesday: Kaja Kotulak / Zoe Posynick
                             Friday: Leona Callahan

We are looking for a toywash coordinator. This person is responsible to wash toys during either the Wednesday or Friday session; as a thank you his/her children get in for free during that session. We typically wash two or three bins per week, i.e. about 45 minutes. Washing takes place in the kitchen, where you can still keep an eye on your child(ren) playing, and often other Playgroupers will pitch in to help!

Email List
If you haven’t been receiving email updates, please complete a registration form including your email address so we can keep you up to date on playgroup activities.  Also, if you would no longer like to receive updates from us, please let us know by emailing Thank you.

Playgroup on the Web
We are online at  If you would like to receive additional updates and more information please sign up at our blog and you will receive updates right into your e-mail account.
If you are on Facebook – become a fan or join our group!

We are looking forward to seeing you and your children around!

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